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Please help find Scott Taylor. He is a 44 year old navy veteran. He may be in danger to himself. Last seen 8/28 near Foster road In Portland. He is driving a 95 Suburau with Alaska plates. Please call if located 5035723086 ... See MoreSee Less

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#Missing NamUs #MP51855
Samantha Michelle Windsor, 20.

Samantha had been living the Seattle area for several months and last had contact there on July 11, 2018.

She called her mom on July 15, 2018 from a phone in Portland, OR but has not been heard from since.

Samantha last used social media on July 17, 2018 but has not been active on any of her accounts since that time. Portland, Oregon,Multnomah County


Race / Ethnicity
White / Caucasian

5' 3" (63 Inches)

100 - 110 lbs

Date of Last Contact
July 15, 2018

NamUs Case Created
August 20, 2018

Hair Color

Left Eye Color
Right Eye Color

A 3-4 inch scar on lower right abdominal area

"Hello Kitty" bow on lower abdominal area

Other distinctive physical characteristicMissing front upper tooth

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#Missing NamUs #MP51855
Samantha Michelle Windsor, 20.Samantha had been living the Seattle area for several months and last had contact there on July 11, 2018.She called her mom on July 15, 2018 from a phone in Portland, OR but has not been heard from since.Samantha last used social media on July 17, 2018 but has not been active on any of her accounts since that time.  Portland, Oregon,Multnomah CountySex
FemaleRace / Ethnicity
White / CaucasianHeight
5 3 (63 Inches)Weight
100 - 110 lbsDate of Last Contact
July 15, 2018NamUs Case Created
August 20, 2018Hair Color
BrownLeft Eye Color
Right Eye Color
A 3-4 inch scar on lower right abdominal areaTattoo
Hello Kitty bow on lower abdominal areaOther distinctive physical characteristicMissing front upper toothhttps://www.namus.gov/MissingPersons/Case#/51855


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Shared from California!

Oregon's Missing Persons shared Bartow County Sheriff's Office (Official)'s post.
Oregon's Missing Persons

BCSO set up a tip line, 770-387-5100, for the purpose of trying to identify the female found at the landfill on Monday August 13th.

Anyone with information is asked to call this number which is being worked by investigators. If it is not answered you are asked to leave a message.

We have also released another picture of a tattoo which we believe is the Japanese symbol for bravery. The tattoo is located on her right outer wrist area.

In addition we are asking anyone that was at the Cedar Creek compactor area on Saturday August 11th between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to call the tip line as well.
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For those that didn't know like me it's around brothers Oregon

Never Forget Me Yesterday at 5:50 AM · Body Found at Landfill IdentifiedBartow County Coroner Joel Guyton confirmed to WBHF on Tuesday morning that the remains of a woman found in a Bartow County landfill on August 13th were indeed those of missing Fairmount, West Virginia resident Courtney Dubois.A sanitation worker found Dubois’ remains while emptying a trash compactor at the landfill. Since that time, local law enforcement had received numerous tips but was unable to make a positive identification. Sheriff Clark Millsap said that the body was cut into pieces, packed into individual bags, and placed into a dumpster.Last week a Facebook post that contained pictures of Dubois and the matching tattoos found on the recovered body made its way around the internet. Many believed that the tattoos and facial features resembled that of Dubois. The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office told WBHF at the time that they could not confirm or deny that the body was that of the missing West Virginia woman, but that it was an ongoing investigation with the GBI.Law enforcement is still not sure when the woman was killed, but it does have an idea of when her body was put inside the dumpster at the county recycling center located on Cedar Creek Road, which they believe was close to 5:30 on August 11th. There are no surveillance cameras at the aforementioned facility.Stay tuned to WBHF for more updates on this developing story.wbhfradio.org/body-found-at-landfill-identified/Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, cloud, sky and text

Please SHARE!!!!!!
#Stillmissing as of August 13, 2018.

Her name is Laela Walker.
She is 15yrs old 5'2 blonde hair and blue eyes.

She has gone missing in the Eugene, OR area and her home town is here, in Albany, OR.

We have a warrant for her arrest, so there will be no issue contacting the police & will come right away, if anybody sees her or knows her whereabouts. You can remain anonymous.

You can also Contact her mother Melissa Jakeman with any info. @ 541-220-4611

So Please, Keep A Look Out & Help Get The Word Out To Help Find, my sweet beautiful daughter to bring her home, where she belongs! We are missing her, Dearly! I would do anything to bring my sweet, loving, caring, beautiful young daughter, home!

Thank you!! And I appreciate all the help I can get from our community!
Laela Walker Laela Walker
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If anyone has any info on my missing brother we would greatly appreciate it...its been over 9 months now since we last seen or heard from him ... See MoreSee Less

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We do not delete original posts on this page once the loved one has been located. They are left up to the original poster to update and delete.

We do this to be respectful. We do this to allow time for the OP (original poster) to update the posting themselves once they’ve had time to recover from their answer. We do this so that you can see the original missing persons posting from the original source. We do this to host a space where the public can express their condolences or happiness depending on the answer the family has received. We allow these cases to stay put because sometimes it’s the only place the missing person is memorialized and we will hold this space for these reasons for as long as Facebook lets us have a page.

If this bothers you or muddles your research, you should probably just use another page to get your information.
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Thank you, we are so glad you are here and can do this for us.

Oregon Lostnmissing shared Missing Cynthia Martinez perez's post.
Oregon Lostnmissing

#StillMissing Cynthia Martinez Perez. 7/16/17. Keizer, OR.REWARD! $10,500 ... See MoreSee Less

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#StillMissing Cynthia Martinez Perez. 7/16/17.  Keizer, OR.


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Thank you for sharing!!!!!

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Thank you for sharing!!!! Let's find Cynthia!!!! One Year too long. We need to find her she has 4 babies at home desperately waiting for answers as to what happened to their mother. We need everyone's help please share this poster and look in the following cities for Cynthia.

Prayers that she is found safe! Prayers for her family and friends. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Update: he was found. He’s in very bad shape. He was in sepsis when we found him. He’s lost his wallet and all forms of identification. I’m trying to raise as much money as I can’t to drive him across the country back home and try and get him into rehab. Prayers please. If you can help me get him home god bless you.

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I'm on board ,,,your family is not alone,,,

Prayers, shared

Any update

He was found late Sunday. I hung over 1,000 fliers in key locations, and plastered my car with his picture in giant form and copies of the missing persons flier. He saw the car and that’s when he caught my eye. But he’s in rough shape. 50 lbs lighter. I am not sure I’d have recognized him walking by me. It’s horrific what I saw while I was looking for him. God bless everyone. Actually it was someone online who messaged me the best places to wait outside. He told me to spend 1 day hanging fliers then sit outside each key spot. It was the second spot I found him!

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She is still missing we got a ping off her cell phone for Lincoln City Oregon from 6.54pm on 8-18-2018. Spyglass Ridge Open Space. Family is enroute from washington to search and hand out flyers

Oregon Lostnmissing shared Yamhill County Sheriff's Office's post.
Oregon Lostnmissing

Our condolences to Meighan Cordie's loved-ones..Deceased Female Found Outside Dayton Believed to Be Missing Person Meighan Cordie

Today, at about 10:00 a.m., joggers reported finding the body of a female down an embankment just north of the City of Dayton. The location was determined to be at the onramp that leads from Wallace Road to Hwy. 18 and Foster Road.

Based on the physical descriptors and clothing, the body appears to be that of Meighan Cordie, who had gone missing and was last seen on the evening of August 18th, approximately 8 miles south of Dayton on Grand Island. Yamhill County Search and Rescue and a large contingency of volunteers searched for Cordie for several days after her disappearance. Meighan’s family has been notified of the discovery. They are asking for privacy during this difficult time.

Detectives and investigators from the Yamhill County Major Crimes Response Team are currently on scene and working the investigation. The Oregon State Field Investigations Team has been requested to assist with forensic evidence recovery.

This case is ongoing and in its early stages. Details that could compromise the investigation will not be released at this time. Additional information will be provided in the form of a media release when appropriate.
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Our condolences to  Meighan Cordies loved-ones..

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my condolences to the family

Praying for the family

Horrible news.

Comments that have a doubtful or speculative tone will be deleted. Remarks such as “I don’t buy it”, “there’s more to the story than you’re telling us” and “give me more personal info” are inappropriate to pose during such a fragile time in the loved ones life.

For one thing, no one is selling you anything. You don’t have to buy or believe anything to share a missing persons posting, it costs you nothing and shows that you care about other humans. It’s literally effortless. Taking the time to write your doubt takes more time than sharing the post.

This is a public space and things that are posted here get shared globally. If you aren’t getting the whole story, it’s probably because of the reasons below or the family is protective of the missing persons private information or the police have directed them to say only certain things because there is an active investigation.

As far as personal information goes, I see it like this, the family give us as much as they have and are comfortable with. You can ask kindly for more information about what the person looks like or where they might be but demanding their age (when a picture is provided and you can approximate the age in your own) and other personal information is inappropriate. A lot of times, the extra information you are looking for can be found by googling the missing person so please keep your demands to yourself and try to work with what you’ve been given.

No one understands missing persons until they are thrust into it and after being in it for 15 years I still don’t really get it. It’s very painful and depressing and not everyone can put together an amazing posting for their missing person. Some barely have the energy to make a posting at all because the grief is so big. We have to use what they give us and guide them to the resources to make better postings, but demanding anything from someone going through this unique tragedy is inappropriate and will be deleted immediately.

I appreciate all of the support that is given and it far outweighs the small percentage of people who make these kinds of comments and demands. Thank you 💚
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Very well put!! I will continue to share and pray for the people who are missing and their families. You are not alone!!!

Thank you for this, Thank you so much.

yes I believe this is true,,,,,however sometimes if seen post and it does not say the area missing from,,,,I read one and it said missing from lane county ,,,, so important info along with description is very very important for us that are looking to help .>>>

Thank you.

Thank you! Very well put.

MISSING... Name: Erin Courtney. From: White Salmon Washington 98672. Last seen: 2 nights ago on Pucker Huddle RD in White Salmon. If you've seen her, please PM me. Thank you ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you guys for sharing

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