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#FOUND: Leanna Juliano, 21, is no longer considered missing.
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#FOUND: Leanna Juliano, 21, is no longer considered missing.

NamUs MP # 39322
#Missing Phillip Byrd Howard
Nickname/Alias Phil
Date last seen March 03, 2017 15:45
Sterling, Colorado/County Logan - May be in California

Phillip had contact with Sterling PD (CO) on 03/03/2017. He left that day without his vehicle or his possessions. He may have been spotted hitchhiking in Scottsdale, AZ on 05/03/2017. Phillip may be in the California area.

Date entered 08/02/2017
Age last seen 51 to 52 years old
Age now 52 years old
Race White
Sex Male
Height (inches) 68.0 to 69.0
Weight (pounds) 130.0 to 140.0

Hair color Brown/Balding on top; Hair on side and back of head; Slight white hair mixed in with brown hair
Left eye color Brown
Right eye color Brown
Eye description
Deep inset eyes

Scar on forehead; Scar on upper lip; Scar on right forearm; Dark mole on upper left of back; Dark mole on lower right of back

Dentures top and bottom, bottom dentures may be missing

Right hand is slightly longer and slimmer than left hand; Nails grow faster on right hand due to an arm surgery

Tank top; Blue jeans

White tennis shoes

Silver wedding ring on left ring finger

Reading glasses (but left them at home)

Black coat; Black wallet; Usually carries a lighter

Status: Dental information / charting is available and will be entered later

Fingerprint Information
Status: Fingerprint information is available elsewhere

Investigating Agency
Title Major
First name Rich
Last name Kelsch
Phone 970-522-3512
Case number 2017-8448
Date reported May 01, 2017

Jurisdiction Local
Agency Sterling Police Department
Address 1 421 N 4th St
Address 2 PO Box 4000
City Sterling
State Colorado
Zip code 80751

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